“Sowiesoso” by Cluster

Keith Jarrett‘s success in his tours of Germany in the early 70s owed some debt to the burgeoning, radical art scenes taking over that country’s larger cities.  German audiences supported a fiercely independent free rock culture that drew heavily from American jazz — particularly the extended, disciplined jams of In a Silent Way-era Miles Davis — and that pushed Hendrix‘s electric sorcery … Continue reading “Sowiesoso” by Cluster

“Gravity’s Angel” by Laurie Anderson

Progressive rock’s avant garde wing has always acted as a kind of disciplined version of its more mainstream cousin, dependent on self-imposed constraints, those kinds of “oblique strategies” that Brian Eno and his expanding circle of collaborators employed to spur, and rein in, their impulses.  The cross-pollination of these two (sometimes warring) factions — at least … Continue reading “Gravity’s Angel” by Laurie Anderson