“The Creator has a master plan,” by Pharoah Sanders

A deep blues, a call to enlightenment, a psychedelic spiritual of epic proportions, Pharoah Sanders’ “The Creator has a master plan” rings with a disciplined clarity one might expect from a former John Coltrane collaborator and acolyte of spiritual jazz.  But if Sanders extends the Coltrane legacy to this recording, he also pushes open new doors, … Continue reading “The Creator has a master plan,” by Pharoah Sanders

“Spanish Key” by Miles Davis

It’s unavoidable.  It is impossible to speak of modern music, regardless of genre, and not take note of the critical importance of Miles Davis.  Call him what you will or what he called himself — a genius of composition, a dazzling trumpeter/performer and band leader/manipulator, an agent provocateur, a counter-racist, coke fiend, pimp, misogynist — Miles Davis was … Continue reading “Spanish Key” by Miles Davis